How does Influentials deal with negligent influencers?

In this article, we inform you about how Influentials deals with negligent influencers.

When starting a collaboration, both the brand and the influencers are expected to fulfil the agreements they made. Think about completing the assignments and delivering the content on time, receiving the package as described, and an easy flow in communication between brand and influencer. We always thrive on a successful collaboration for the brand as well as the influencers, however, due to special circumstances, it may happen that things don't go the way they were planned. 
As a brand, this also means that you have full freedom and responsibility on how you wish to end the collaboration.

The Agreement

The collaboration between a brand and an influencer officially starts when both agree upon the Collaboration Agreement. The agreement represents the interests of the brand and the influencers. Influentials is therefore not part of the agreement and the agreements made between the brand and the influencer. However, we are always ready to help and support where needed.

It is therefore important for both influencers and the brand that they carefully read the agreement before entering into the final collaboration and determine whether they can fulfil the agreements and assignments according to the guidelines. We, therefore, recommend the following in the standard agreement:

1. Creating original content according to the guidelines of the brand or agency

2. Creating and placing the content at the agreed time and delivering it before the desired deadline

3. Using the specified tags and hashtags

4. That the post is 100% committed to the campaign; mixing with other brands and interests is advised to avoid. In certain niches such as fashion, mixing brands can be accepted with prior permission from the brand or agency.

5. Clearly defined assignments: what is expected of the content, what is possible and what is not

6. Set achievable deadlines for the content to go live and send it for approval

You can find the agreement for influencers here.

You can find the agreement for brands here.

Influencers who cannot fulfil the agreements and assignments submitted are discouraged from accepting the agreement and unfortunately cannot participate in the campaign. This prevents assignments from not being completed. As an influencer, do you have a personal or creative interpretation of an assignment? Once a brand sends you the agreement, the chats automatically start. In the messenger, you can ask the brand more about the campaign and the agreement before officially accepting it.

As a brand, you can supplement the agreement with your own conditions to promote a smoothly running cooperation. You can read about this in this article.

Completing the assignment

Due to special or deviating circumstances, a collaboration may have to be terminated prematurely. As a brand, you are completely free to complete this completion, but as Influentials, we would like to emphasize that we do this on a positive note and indicate it to us so that we can process it technically. For example, an influencer can be removed from the campaign or when the campaign has been completed and archived, the assignment will automatically disappear from the influencer.

Additionally, we recommend using the rating system. This system gives both influencers and brands the opportunity to assess the collaboration afterwards. By giving and receiving feedback you can find out learning points and take them with you to prevent similar situations in future collaborations. In addition, it shows that you are open to receiving feedback and comments, which is highly appreciated by influencers. In this article, you can read more about the rating system as a brand. And in this article as an influencer.

3 Strikes

When influencers fall short of the agreements made, such as not following the guidelines, difficult communication progress, or late delivery of content without a conditional reason, the influencer will receive a warning.

With 3 warnings, the influencer will be put on hold in which he or she must complete the agreements made as desired. When the influencer manages to do this successfully, he or she will regain access to the platform.

You can always contact us for more information and questions. You can ask your customer success manager for this, email us at or ask them by telephone on +31 6 24 84 06 85