The different types of assignments

One of the most important parts when setting up a campaign is the design of the assignments. Which assignments suit your campaign? And which results can be calculated by the different assignments?

The software of Influentials makes it possible, among other things, that you can request content from influencers in different ways. Think, for example, of Instagram stories, a blog post, but also Instagram videos. In this article, we describe the different types of assignments and which results can be calculated.

1. Instagram video on the feed

Within this assignment, you ask the influencers to post a video maximum of 60 seconds on their Instagram feed. Video posts are ideal for tutorials and lookbooks, for example. Creating a video often takes more time and effort than a photo for an influencer. So keep this in mind when setting the deadline and giving an appropriate compensation.

2. Instagram video carousel post

With this assignment, you ask the influencers to post a video in a carousel post. For example, consider a carousel consisting of a photo and video. Compared to the assignment just mentioned, it is not possible to request the detailed statistics of the post. At the bottom of this article, you will find an extensive overview of the various assignments and which results can be calculated or not.

3. Instagram (carousel) foto on the feed

This is currently the most chosen assignment in an influencer marketing campaign. Here you ask the influencer to post a photo on their feed. With this assignment, just like an Instagram video, we can calculate all the results that the photo has produced.

Both one photo and a carousel post consisting of several photos can be loaded with this assignment. With this assignment, you can ask influencers to tag your brand in the caption, photo and/or video and to use specific hashtags. Thanks to the software we can find out how high the engagement rate of the post is and how many accounts have been reached.

4. Single and continuous Instagram story

There are two different types of story assignments that you can use for your campaign. With a Single Instagram Story, you ask the influencers1 to post an image (this can be a photo or video) in their story on Instagram. Think of a photo with a swipe link to your website.

With a continuous Instagram story, the influencer can load multiple images. You can think of an unboxing video story that consists of 3 images. For this assignment, the influencer can load all images that have been made for the story. The results can be calculated for each individual image.

5. Optional Instagram assignment

You can now let influencers choose which Instagram content they make for your campaign! The optional Instagram assignment allows influencers for example to choose between a photo or reels! Only one of them needs to be completed in order to finish the campaign.
6. Blog post

A blog post assignment is ideal if you are looking for influencers who want to write an extensive review about your product or service. Thanks to the link with the personal Google Analytics of the influencers on the platform, we can find out for this assignment how often the blog post has been viewed and how many users have been reached.

7. Youtube video

With a Youtube video assignment, you ask the influencers to post a video on their Youtube channel. Also with this assignment, it is recommended to take into account sufficient time for the influencer to make and publish the video. For a YouTube video, we can calculate how often the video has been viewed, the number of comments and the number of likes.

8. Facebook post en story

For the social channel Facebook, you can ask influencers to post a story and/or post on their Facebook Page. No results can be retrieved for these assignments at the moment.

9. TikTok video

With a TikTok video assignment, you ask the influencer to post a video on TikTok. Please note that a TikTok video, for example, cannot be loaded with an Instagram video or story assignment. Unlike an Instagram video or story, you cannot add tags to a TikTok video. Of course, tags and hashtags can be placed in the caption of the video. From a TikTok video, we can calculate how often the video has been viewed, the number of likes and the number of comments.

Please note!

In addition, it is good to know that other types of content such as an Instagram photo cannot be loaded with video assignments (and vice versa). It is therefore important that the influencers adhere to the assignments as closely as possible so that all results can be calculated. Therefore, clearly indicate the guidelines of the content in the assignment and discuss the ideas together if you make an exception. This way you prevent not everything can be loaded afterwards.

It is currently not possible to create an IGTV video assignment for a campaign. We will notify you as soon as this assignment is launched. That is why we recommend for the time being to indicate in a video assignment that this should be a regular video post and not an IGTV video. If you still want to request IGTV content, keep in mind that the content cannot be loaded onto the platform.

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