Rating for brands

As a brand, it is now possible to review influencers after a campaign has ended. This help article will give you more information on how to rate an influencer.

As soon as the collaboration has started, the 'results' page will be visible. Here you can review the influencers by clicking the purple 'rate' button.

Once as you have clicked on this, a new screen will open. You can give the influencer a number of stars here.NOTE: you can no longer adjust this number once you have clicked on complete.

You can leave a message in the text box. This is optional. Only the influencer can see the message you leave behind as a brand.

Once you are done you can click on complete and the rating is completed.

Influencers have to rate your campaign in order to complete their assignments. The ratings can be found under your menu -> ratings. You can also see the score per campaign in the overview of your placed campaigns.