Here at Influentials we strive to optimize the platform to the needs of our customers in order to increase user-friendliness and convenience. Since November 2020, Influentials has a brand new feature: Payments! From now on you can easily pay influencers after completing a collaboration within the platform itself. In this article we explain everything about your virtual wallet, the way in which you can top up your account and how you pay influencers.

The Wallet

At the top of the header you will undoubtedly see a new icon, this is your 'Wallet'. By clicking on this you will be automatically led to your virtual wallet.

Here you will find an overview of your current balance and the option to deposit an amount. We kindly ask you to deposit the amount in advance that you will use to pay the content creators. After publishing a campaign, the amount is transferred to our payment partner. Once a content creator completes the campaign, he or she will be automatically paid with the amount.


In your wallet you will find an overview of your transactions. This shows all changes in the wallet balance. Think, for example, of an amount that has been added to the wallet, an amount that has been debited for a campaign or an amount that has been refunded after an influencer has lost weight. Please note that invoices related to the top-up of your wallet can be found under the tab 'billing'.

You can see the difference between the mutations by the following icons.

The wallet icon indicates that money has been added to your wallet. And the arrow icon indicates that a transaction has been performed for a campaign.

Add funds to your wallet

Depositing an amount to your virtual wallet can be done using different payment methods:

Credit Card
- iDeal

You can link multiple credit cards within the platform. You do this at the billing tab.

The first step is to enter the amount with which you want to top up your virtual wallet. A pop-up window will appear in which you can then adjust the amount if necessary. You can also give the transaction a name or number so that you can easily find it in the transaction overview.

Finally, you choose the payment method. On top of the budget you have made available for content creators, a transaction fee is charged. We charge the transaction fee to the content creators for the payment process. This percentage is determined on the basis of your subscription. So keep in mind that the amount you add to your wallet must include a transaction fee in order to eventually publish a campaign. For more information about the transaction fee, please contact

Pay by VISA
When you pay with VIS you have to link a card. You can link as many cards to your account as you want. Payment with VISA is very simple. Click on the card of your choice and then on Confirm.

Pay by iDeal
Paying with iDeal works as you are always used to. you must fill in the name of the cardholder. Then select the bank of your choice and you will automatically be redirected to the payment method of your bank.

It's most important that the payment is finalized through the payment link. This link can be found in the confirmation e-mail. 
If the payment is not done through the payment link, the wallet cannot be topped up.

We kindly request you not to transfer the payment to our bank account. 


You will find the linked credit cards under the billing tab. Please note that your team members can top up the virtual wallet balance with these payment methods. Also, keep in mind that you make your preferred credit card primary. You can easily add a credit card by clicking 'Add a credit card'

Every time one of your team members replenishes the virtual wallet, automatic invoices are generated. The invoice totals shown include taxes. The description used for the top-up is also displayed on the invoice itself. You can easily download the invoice by clicking the 'download' button.

Paying Content creators 

Payment to the content creator is automatic when the influencer has properly loaded the content within the set deadline. The payout will take place after the official end date, which is 7 days after the last assignment.

When you opt for a financial campaign, you need to fill in how much the financial compensation is and how many content creators you want to work with. You indicate this within the campaign wizard. When you are ready to publish the campaign, click on the publish button after which the total costs for the campaign will be calculated.

There is an additional fee of 10% or 20% depending on your selected plan. We have this to make the automatic influencer payments run automatic and in the safe environment of our payment partner Stripe.

So make sure that your wallet is sufficiently charged. Otherwise, it will not be possible to publish the campaign and it will not be reviewed by your customer success manager. If this is in order, your campaign will be reviewed and eventually published on the marketplace.

If it happens that a content creator has uploaded content that does not meet your guidelines, or whose statistics are incorrectly entered, make sure you report the content creator. This prevents the content creator from being paid. We receive this notification and we can ensure that the payment will not take place. You can report a content creator on the results page of the campaign. If the content creator does not upload his or her content, the content creator will be automatically reported and not paid after 7 days.

When the content creator has loaded the correct content and/or statistics, you can withdraw the report, so that he or she will still receive the compensation automatically.

Does an influencer lose weight during the campaign? Don't worry, we can easily transfer the amount owed back to your virtual wallet. Please contact your customer success manager for this.

Please contact our finance department via