The timeline of a campagne

Good planning is half the battle! This also applies when setting up your influencer marketing campaigns. Don't rush it, planning too far is also not an option. In this article we give you insight into what we believe to be a realistic time schedule.

The timeline:

The image above shows a campaign timeline of five weeks. This is shown from the start of the campaign to its completion. Every week has a different theme and every week you are in a different phase of campaign management. Read more about what happens in which phase and what is important here.

Week 1: Teaming up

After publishing the campaign, it's the influencers' turn. By default, the campaign remains open for one week for influencers to sign up on the Influentials Marketplace. From the moment of publication, you can keep track of the registrations and start making your selection. Take a look at the profiles of the influencers who have signed up and base your choice on their demographics, appearance and niche. Do they approach your specific target group? Does the content they create match what you're looking for? These are all kinds of questions and factors that you can take into account when making your selection.

When you are completely done with making the selection, you can send the agreements. You do this by clicking the “send agreements” button. So that you have done this, you can move to the next phase and officially start the campaign the following week.

Optionally, after publishing your campaign, you can also send influencers in the general network an invitation to sign up for your campaign. You do this through the “invite” button in the profile of an influencer.

Week 2: The preparations

The influencers have 3 days to accept or refuse the agreement. After all influencers have accepted the agreement, it is time to officially start the collaborations. From this moment on, no more influencers can be added to the campaign.

Send the influencer a welcome message and let them know that you are curious about the unique content they will create for you. All communication can be done very easily via messenger too intrigued. Do you send the influencer a package? Then communicate when they can expect it or the track&trace link. Do you have a unique discount code they can share or a special swipe-up link? You can share everything that is important for the campaign with the influencers via the messenger.

We can easily print out the addresses of all participating influencers for you in Excel. Please contact your customer success manager for this. You can also find this information by clicking the right button on the avatar of the influencer in the 'Collaborations' tab of your campaign. During the week you can take the time to post the packages and answer questions from influencers. By the end of the week and in the course of the next week, the influencer will receive the packages. They can start creating the content.

Week 3: Create, create, create!

The third and very important week has arrived. The phase where the creation of the content is central. Want to see the content before it goes live? Which can!

Schedule the content check in this week. Then the influencers have enough time to process any feedback before the content really goes live. Influencers can easily send files via the Influentials messenger.

Please note, make sure that the influencers are aware of the specific date of the content check in advance. State this clearly in the assignments and the briefing so that it is easy to find. Many micro/macro influencers have a full-time job or are still in school, so it is very important for them that they can plan everything in advance to create beautiful content that meets everyone's expectations.

Week 4: Ready, set, Action!

Influencers have a to-do list in their Influentials dashboard for every campaign they participate in. Here they can find and check all assignments clearly.

After the content is posted, it takes about 3 days before influencers upload their content on the platform. That's right! Influencers submit their content themselves, including the statistics. They can load the best results by waiting a few days. For this, the influencers receive an automatic notification so that they do not forget.

Has an influencer loaded everything correctly? Let us know how you experienced the collaboration by giving a rating based on a 1 - 5 star measurement. Influencers must also rate your campaign after completing their assignments. All reviews can be found, as well as the content and statistics, on the results page of the campaign.

Week 5: Reflect

Wasn't that smooth and fast? All content has been loaded and the reviews have been received. Now it's time to evaluate the campaign with your Influentials customer success manager. Were you able to get the most out of your campaign as you proposed? Are there any bottlenecks that you ran into? We are open to your feedback and findings about the platform and your campaign. Together we look at the learnings and the customer success manager will provide you with tips and tricks to make the next one an even bigger success!