The Influentials Messenger

The messenger now makes it possible to archive old chats. As a brand you can sometimes work with dozens of influencers. When the collaboration has ended and a new campaign has started, your inbox may be overcrowded. This often makes the messages cluttered and disorganized. You can also mark messages as read and unread. In this article you can read how you can easily archive your messages and keep your inbox neat and clear.

In the messenger, a small menu has been added next to the search bar. When you click on the button, an overview appears with different options: All, Archived and Unread. Let's start with archived.

Archive messages

You can archive a message with a simple click with your mouse. All you have to do is move your mouse to the top right corner of the particular message you want to archive. Two icons will appear there:

To archive a message, click on the right icon. The chat will disappear immediately, so you can easily archive an entire campaign by clicking this icon each time.

Archived chats can be found by going to Archived in the aforementioned menu.

You will soon find all your archived chats here. Did you accidentally archive a chat? Then you can always unarchive the chat by clicking on the same icon in the right corner again.

Make messages (Un)read

Marking a message as read or unread works basically the same. You can mark an opened chat as unread again by clicking on the envelope icon. The new unread chat will have a moving dot next to the influencer's avatar indicating that the chat has not yet been opened. Also the envelope icon has now changed to an open envelope:

All unopened chats can be found under 'Unread.' 

When you click on an unread chat, it automatically goes to read and returns to 'All'. The same happens when you click on the open envelope icon, it changes back to a closed envelope.

You can actually compare the folder 'unread' with your inbox. Very useful if, for example, you have several campaigns running at the same time or if you work with many influencers for 1 campaign. In this folder you can view and process all your incoming messages in an overview.

If you have any questions about the messenger, please let us know by emailing