How do I run a campaign?

When you have published your campaign on the marketplace, you naturally want to get started quickly with the influencers you selected.

We have discovered that the optimal workflow of this process (from campaign to collaborations) takes place within 1 week. That is why we now go through all the steps with you from day to day.

Day 1:

The campaign has been published on the marketplace and from now on influencers can register by pressing 'apply'. In order to let the network know that a new campaign is online, influencers (often at the end of the day) are informed of the new campaigns through a newsletter. A story will also be posted on the instagram a few minutes after going live. Can we use certain images for this? Then let us know!

Day 2 - 3:

From now on you can keep an eye on the registrations on your campaign. The influencers that have signed up come in as 'pending', but can be shifted to 'selected' or 'declined' if you don't want to work with them. Note: scrolling within these categories only means that a pre-selection is made. Selected and rejected influencers are not yet notified of this.

Day 4:

As a brand, you are updating your selection further. Within Network, other influencers, outside the applications, can be searched. Please note, this is only possible if you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription.

These influencers can be invited to the campaign by sending them an 'invite for campaign'.

We have prepared the general text below with which you can invite your influencer to the campaign.

Feel free to make this text even more personal before hitting send. The influencers will receive this message in Messenger and will send a message back when they are interested in the collaboration.

When they are enthusiastic, we will sign up for the campaign. For some reason they can't sign up for the campaign because they don't have the original campaign qualifications, for example? Let our customer success manager Layla know at or send her a message via chat. She will see to it that these influencer(s) are still added manually.

Day 5:

It is advisable to have determined the selection for the campaign on this day. After 5 days, most influencers do need information about the campaign participation, so you as a company also maintain a smooth workflow. The next step to finalize the collaboration is to send the agreement. You send the selected influencers an agreement on 'send agreement'. The influencers will be informed of this and have 3 days from this moment to sign this agreement. Of course you can also finish the selection after 2 days. You are then of course free to send the influencers the agreements earlier.

Day 6:
Several influencers will have already read and signed the agreement, others will need a little longer. You can see these influencers under 'agreement accepted' and 'pending'. If influencers have changed their mind and completely abandon the collaboration, this is the moment that they can drop out. You can see these cancellations under 'declined'. It is not possible to collaborate with influencers who have refused the agreement.

Day 7:
The campaign closes automatically and new influencers can no longer sign up for this campaign. This is also the moment when the 'start collaboration' button is made available (can be pressed). You press this button to definitively enter into collaboration with the selected influencers who have signed the agreement. The chosen influencers will now receive the 'congratulations' message and the influencers that are not selected will receive a 'bummer' message. When you press this button you will see the group of influencers at 'collaborations' and you will also see that these are the people who can load their results under 'results.

Do you want to start the collaborations earlier? Let us know and we'll make sure the campaign is closed and the button becomes clickable.

NOTE: You can only press the 'start collaboration' button once. So only do this when you are satisfied with the number of influencers that have signed their agreement, because the group can only be determined once.

Has an influencer rejected the agreement? Then you can choose another influencer and send an agreement as long as the collaborations have not yet started.

After this step, it is also possible to chat with this group of influencers, one-on-one or via a group message. The name and address details are also visible and any packages can be sent. On request we can send the addresses in an excel file.

Would you like some additional information about this new seven-day workflow for setting up campaigns within Influentials? You can contact our customer success manager Layla, who can be reached via the following routes:

  • +31 (0) 6 46 13 68 28
  • Chat via