Influentials additional services

Influentials is happy to introduce the newest additional services. In this article, we'll tell you more about our briefing services, co-managed campaigns and full-managed campaigns. Let our team of experts help you reach your goals! A little or big help will go a long way.

Briefing service

Don't you have much time to create and set up a campaign? Or are you a first-timer and not 100% sure how to set up a good campaign? Influentials experts are here to help. 

With the Influentials briefing service, our experts will help you to set up a high-quality campaign on the platform. What can you expect?

  • 60 min. call to find out the theme and goal of your campaign.
  • Campaign set up in the platform so you can check the results yourself.
  • Our experts will make some changes based on your feedback once.
  • Before the campaign will be published, we will make sure we add some influencer matches in your lift of favourites. You can invite or connect these influencers yourself.

Pricing: €175,-

Co-managed campaigns

Are you working in a small team? Do you see the importance of influencer marketing but you can't find the time to manage your campaigns? Stop hustling, just give our experts a call, we are here to the rescue!

Next to the base elements which are included in the briefing services, you can expect the following:

  • After publishing the campaign, we will walk through the pre-selection of influencers we created for you. Together we send out agreements. 
  • During the running time of this campaign, the team will keep an eye out on the chat and will answer the questions or give you a heads-up if necessary.
  • When the campaign ends, we ensure the real-time results page is up to date. 
  • We will evaluate the impact we created.

Pricing: €1.175

Fully managed campaigns

Ready to kick off without a hustle? Let Influentials Experts do all the work for you. Our team will manage your campaign from A to Succes!

How to get started?

  • Influentials set up a kick-off to get to know all your wishes.
  • We create a unique, creative, effective and result-oriented campaign.
  • Together we will choose the best concept.
  • With an eye for quality, we select the best matches for your brand and goals.
  • Our experts will take care of all communication and results.
  • We will evaluate the impact we created.

Pricing: €4.998

Are you interested in any of our services? Please get in touch with Dana by sending a mail to to help you get started.