A list of all changes that were done to the Influentials application and platform.

Version 6.0.0

  • Show signups only with user channels connected
  • Add better UGC support and allow influencers to upload content to be approved
  • Update instagram connection to store images locally
  • Update influencers navigation options to be more clear
  • Better archive user experience
  • Require email address for influencers
  • Hide archived messages by default
  • Fix several messenger bugs
  • Add UGC filters to influencer search
  • Update Stripe payment status
  • Add invoice preminder emails for annual subscriptions
  • Update messenger notifications to be more clear
  • Allow influencers to apply to campaign with a non-relevant disconnected channel

Version 5.4.0

  • Add UGC channel and Assignments
  • Allow influencers to add UGC channel
  • Show UGC on influencer cards
  • Fix skewed brand logos in campaign wizard
  • Limit trial influencer results
  • Social stats update
  • UGC uploads
  • Better Login with Google (newest version)
  • Save Instagram content so we don't have expiring links anymore

Version 5.3.0

  • Reorganized filters and added the ability to filter influencer reach by channel
  • Improved display of influencer network result limits for Trial users
  • Fixed mobile display issues
  • Improved UI and error handling
  • Updated confetti animation when saving results
  • Removed the "new feature" announcement bar at the top

Version 5.2.0

  • Change default sorting of campaign applicants to show the latest first
  • Add more sorting options to influencers
  • Clarify sorting options to be more clear about what they mean exactly

Version 5.1.0

  • Messenger improvements
    • The messenger tabs have changed to Campaigns/Connections instead of you/team
    • The campaign drop-down has been improved from just the name of the campaign to the number, image, and current stage of the campaign
    • We now populate more details in the conversation itself
    • Conversations are sorted by the latest unread conversations at the top followed by the latest read conversations
    • You/team selection has moved to filters 
    • Many smaller bugs are squashed
    • The maximum file upload size has been increased from 50MB to 256MB
    • Allowed more image and video types to be uploaded directly into the messenger so influencers can share posts easier with brands!
  • Squashed a bug that would sometimes make logos and avatars look skewed
  • Squashed a bug that would show invalid results for Instagram posts
  • Hide the delete brand button if the brand has already started a campaign
  • Fix TikTok image loading issues when completing assignments
  • Fix TikTok usernames being unusable due to capitalization 

Version 5.0.0

  • Allow campaigns to have optional assignments
  • Introduce connections
  • Improvements to campaign overview page

Version 4.2.11

  • Update the meta pixel

Version 4.2.10

  • update

Version 4.2.9

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.8

  • Drastically improve the layout of the publish campaign pop-up

Version 4.2.7

  • Improvements to uploading content and statistics
  • Change order of influencers while rating

Version 4.2.6

  • Added logger to report errors to our developers
  • Implement a fix that prevents some users to see the previous version of the application after we released a new version
  • Improve rating of influencers for brands

Version 4.2.5

  • Automate campaign fee payment when starting a campaign when on the Essentials plan
  • Add small fixes to layout of the results page

Version 4.2.4

  • Ask more company data before starting a subscription
  • Allow more pages to be viewed after trial or subscription ends

Version 4.2.3

  • Stop showing completed assignments as incomplete assignment
  • Added report button to new results page
  • Fixed mobile views for login and register pages
  • Small improvements to results page

Version 4.2.2

  • Messenger overhaul which fixes quite a few bugs and makes the messenger a joy to work with 
  • Expired accounts can now log in and update their plan themselves
  • The loading of images has been made more clear
  • Campaign wizard has received an update to validation

Version 4.2.1

  • Ask for feedback on the new results page
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.2.0

  • New and improved results page

Version 4.1.0

  • Stop allowing brands to cancel the subscription when a campaign is running/active
  • Allow non-KYC influencers to apply to product campaigns
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0.0

  • Pricing page update
  • Updated branding of application
  • Completely revamped subscription management using Stripe
  • Updated filtering of influencers in Explore page
  • Added sorting of influencers to both Explore and applications
  • Added Instagram reels as a selectable assignment
  • Changed signup page for brands to ask for password when signing up
  • Created way to send conversion events to multiple sources
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements

Version 3.21.3

  • Update brand settings flow
  • Mixpanel updates
  • Show confetti on saving brand

Version 3.21.2

  • Change login and register views so the buttons are less confusing
  • Track plan in mixpanel

Version 3.21.1

  • Campaign Wizard fixes
  • Remove Freddy Feedback

Version 3.21.0

  • New campaign wizard

Version 3.20.3

  • #2470 Assignments in to do influencer not chronologic
  • #2406 Assignment count Influencers
  • #2197 Don't sort finished influencer campaigns on the name of the campaign
  • #1561 Messenger: Conversations of an archived team member
  • #2089 Show when post was posted by influencer in campaign results
  • #2771 Show "draft" status when brand hasn't completed paying a bill
  • #2762 Change cursor on hover empty campaign card

Version 3.20.2

  • #2761 Brand Z-1079 can't invite influencers

Version 3.20.1

  • #2089 Show when post was posted by influencer in campaign results
  • #1561 Messenger: Conversations of an archived team member

Version 3.20.0 

  • Onboarding - Dashboard

Version 3.19.1

  • #2744 - Hide "set password" screen from admins

Version 3.19.0

  • #2579 Brand login / signup with email

Version 3.18.8

  • #2722 Messenger issue brands and influencers

Version 3.18.7

  • #2703 Change welcome message for influencers in the messenger
  • #2701 Rewrite KYC banner notification influencers
  • #2797 Change payment term on invoices page influencers
  • #2474 Freddy feedback

Version 3.18.6

  • #2003 Add "unknow" gender selection for network/explore filters
  • #2690 Messenger input

Version 3.18.5

  • Update logo and brand colors

Version 3.18.4

  • Add new transaction status - in_transit

Version 3.18.3

  • Add new transaction status - pending

Version 3.18.2

  • #2594 Demographics don't show up logged in as a brand
  • #2603 Address details influencers missing on 'show contact details'
  • #2599 Delay in invoices

Version 3.18.1

  • #2592 Additional reward misses at Amabassador campaigns
  • #2584 Wallet icon for influencers should not be clickable if account is not verified

Version 3.18.0

  • Add Payments to platform

Version 3.17.6

  • Bump elliptic from 6.5.1 to 6.5.3 #77

Version 3.17.4

  • #2429 TikTok Demographics

Version 3.17.3

  • #1870 Brand - platform tekst change
  • #1906 App should logout first before it activates an account
  • #2367 Start Collaboration 'Warning'

Version 3.17.2

  • #2370 Overview page campaign page footer
  • #2412 Button ‘watch video’ doesn’t work

Version 3.17.1

  • #2410 Website & App COVID text changes

Version 3.17.0


  • #1761 Messenger: filter messages by unread status
    You can now filter your messages by unread or read.


  • #1888 Messenger: search with special characters
    We've fixed an issue where search for L'Oreal didn't work, also other special characters didn't work.
  • #1946 Messenger: archive conversations
    You can now archive and unarchive messages in the messenger, yay no more mess.
  • #2341 Payment: Report influencer
    The platform will now automatically report influencers that are late on their content, as a brand you can also use this feature in the campaign results. When influencers are reported our customer success will get right on it.

Version 3.16.0


  • #2351 Footer issue - The footer ran through the app content in some cases.

Version 3.15.0


  • #2267 TikTok Demographics
    We now also show TikTok demographics of your account when you have at least a 1.000 fans.
  • #2320 Limit influencers for a campaign
    As a brand you can now limit your campaigns to allow only 10 participants; we will need this setting later this year when we introduce payments ;)
  • #2325 Aspirant influencer
    We have improved the message for influencers that joined our platform and do not have the required 1.000 minimum followers.
  • #1790 Messenger: mark message as read or unread.
    You can now mark messages as read or unread.


  • #2242 Terminology Instagram story results
    We improved the terminology for influencer when they provide instagram results; we now use the same terms as you see in your app.
  • #2308 Demographics refresh date issue
    Now on every info balloon in the app you will see the correct latest refresh date of demographics 

Version 3.13.5


  • #2245 Influencers have trouble when saving address details
    We identified this problem; this happend when notifications where turned on we fixed this and influencers can save their contact details again.

Version 3.13.4


  • #2244 Review not visible in profile
    In some rare cases the review summary was not visible on some influencer profiles but the reviews were visible when you clicked on the review score, we fixed this issue.

Version 3.13.3


  • #2201 Fix demographics refresh time
    We showed the incorrect refresh time in the demographics reports, we now show the last date and time the demographics were actually updated.
  • #2209 Result counts goes wrong
    In the network in some occasions the filtering was not shown correctly when selecting a range from-to and leaving the network overview.
  • #2215 Ratings in influencer overview
    In the applications overview at campaigns the ratings were not shown, we've added them again! 
  • #2231 Fix YouTube statistics delay
    We found an issue that caused YouTube statistics retrieval to be slower than normal.
  • #2237 Fix Instagram statistics delay
    We found an issue that caused Instagram statistics retrieval to be slower than normal.
  • #2236 Demographics reports were not shown In some cases when influencers don't have enough reach we can't show demographics and our software gave an error.
    Now when you don't have at least 1.000 following we will not shown demographics.
  • #2221 Turning off notifications does not work in settings
    We found this issue and are very sorry that you couldn't turn of our notifications, you can now!
  • #2232 Messages marked as unread
    When part of a team you couldn't mark messages as unread when clicking on them, we are very sorry for this issue and fixed this.

Version 3.13.2


  • #2200 Issue while fetching social statistics
    We fixed an issue that caused our background processes to fetch all social statistics very slowly 

Version 3.13.1


  • #2220 Migration of servers to AWS
    We moved all of our servers to Amazon to keep up with the service level we want to provide to our international users. 


  • #2205 Issue story results campaign
    Fixed an issue where campaign results missed the newly developed assignments, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Version 3.12.2


  • #2187 Speed up static content
    We moved all static content like images and videos to a cloud provider, you will now see content load lightning fast. 


  • #2172 Upload IGTV content
    We fixed and issue where instagram tv content couldn't be selected.

Version 3.12.1

  • #2134 Social Data Demographics
    We now turn on social demographics for Instagram for all users that have more than 1.000 followers and that connect their Instagram.


  • #2147 Rating went wrong after incomplete assignment
    We fixed an issue where after our employees incompleted an assignment the influencer couldn't send in a rating.
  • #2113 Remove 'impressions calculated'
    We no longer show the "calculated impressions" because the real impressions provided by the Influencer are now shown.
  • #2112 0 Followers
    We fixed an issue where Instagram media that represented a carousel did not show statistics, also we fixed an issue where the Followers value showed 0.

Version 3.12.0

  • #2070 Continuous story upload
    We now allow brands to select a multiple story assignment, Influencers can upload multiple instagram stories for this assignment instead of one.

Version 3.11.1


  • #2139 Only show results of a campaign when an influencer completes it
    We made sure that a brand will now only see the results of a campaign when the influencer completes the assignment, before we already showed partial results but that was confusing.
  • #2030 Loading issue in profile settings
    In some occasions the loading of settings didn't go well and kept on being loaded.
  • #2143 Demographics shows incorrect values if delta is 0
    When influencers had a zero delta change in their demographic values the stats showed a random zero, off course we don't like zero's and removed these.

Version 3.11.0

  • #2082 Collaboration rating
    Now both influencer and brand can rate their collaboration in campaigns. Rating will be shown for brands and influencers. Note that the overview in the Network will change for brands; you will now see higher rated influencers first. 
  • #2134 Demographics data
    We are silently testing a new beta demographics feature, more users will see this in their profiles from now on. 


  • #1935 Issue when switching companies
    Brands with multiple accounts now have a clearer view of which account is still active or not so you won't be switching to a company that is no longer active.
  • #2091 Brands can't assign chat conversations anymore
    We fixed an issue where in some occasions brands couldn't assign a conversation to another team member, happy assigning! 
  • #2092 Improve the delete account message text
    We clarified the delete account message and made sure that its perfectly clear that you cannot return to Influentials after this action.
  • #2036 LinkedIN login issue
    Older connected LinkedIN accounts sometimes had troubles connecting, we now made sure that this will not happen again, we promise scouts honour! 

Version 3.10.1


  • #2068 User can't invite team members
    We fixed an issue where certain brand users couldn't invite new team members.
  • #2058 Notification error for user
    We noticed that some users couldn't adjust their notification settings, sorry we fixed that immediately! 
  • #2095 Results page empty
    One of our brands discovered a situation where the campaign results page didn't showed the results correctly, we figured out what was wrong and fixed it, sorry! 

Version 3.10.0


  • #1951 Issue GA blog connection
    We fixed an issue where in rare cases influencers couldn't connect their Google Analytics and results for Google Analytics didn't show up.
  • #2078 Reconnect feedback
    We've listened to influencers that told us that it's confusing that if Instagram was disconnect the switch was still turned on (At Settings > Socials).
  • #2083 Change assignment to Single Story Upload
    We've changed the name of Instagram Story to represent what it is; it's a single story movie upload. We are working on multiple uploads! 
  • #2073 Adjust carousel selection.
    Now when you post a carousel with multiple images we will add all images automatically to your campaign results. Note we will only show you the main image with a carousel icon during selection.
  • #2084 Campaign assignment wizard issues
    Influencer reported that they where unable to upload quicktime video's and images with capital letters, DOH! We've fixed that sorry!
  • #2059 Wrong campaign link in messenger
    Influencers couldn't click on the chat header that contained the campaign image and title it resulted in an empty campaign page, now you can click on it again and you will see the correct campaign.

Version 3.9.0


  • #1951 Introduce new Instagram API.
    We now switched our API connection to use the new Instagram Graph API.
  • #1739 Upload Instagram Post results to campaign
    We now allow influencer to upload statistics for an Instagram post assignment and improved the selection of instagram content. 
  • #1794 Upload Instagram Story + results
    We now allow influencers to upload their Instagram Story file and include story statistics.
  • #1984 Enforce business and creator
    Only instagram creator and business accounts are supported.


  • Only the first carousel image is viewable and selectable.
    We now show all carousel images and allow influencers to make a selection in these images.
  • Show only videos in video assignments
    We now filter the selectable content by video for Instagram Video assignments. 

Version 3.8.0


  • #1434 Remove account
    We now allow our users to request an account deletion. You can do so at settings.
  • #1623 Counters and notification for assignments & agreements Influencers will now see a notification at the campaigns menu if there are any pending activities for campaigns.
    At campaigns you will now see counters in the tabs.
  • #1964 Change terms & condition and privacy policy links in the app
    Updated all urls to point to the latest correct versions of these documents. 

Version 3.7.0


  • #1924 Campagne, reach filter
    Brands can now customise the reach required per channel, instead of a few predefined reach ranges we now support a complete custom reach from-to.
  • #1481 Male / female filter campaign wizard
    Brands can now define which genders they target for campaigns, we support male, female and unknown.


  • #1955 Turn off messenger in intercom for Influencer
    In some cases our support intercom messenger didn't hide on mobile devices when entering our messenger.
  • #2000 Google Analytics
    Fixed an issue where Google Analytics statistics didn't got updated for some influencers.
  • #1956 Change the documents in Influentials help document (factuur/kwitantie)

Updated our help documents to supply you with the latest versions of above mentioned documents.

Version 3.6.0


  • #1854 Agreement influencer account
    From now on influencers can read the agreement they signed for all campaigns.


  • #1982 Reminder disconnection emails are send too often
    We fixed an issue where in some cases we sent out the disconnected socials e-mail too often.

Version 3.5.1


  • #1860 Introduce a public version number
    From now on we will update this changelog with all software updates we apply.
  • #1732 Add a unique number for each campaign and each accepted agreement.
    You will see a unique number in your assignments, use this on invoices.


  • #1947 Influencers can't connect their Instagram
    We fixed an issue where influencers with a business account couldn't reconnect.
  • #1938 Video assignment complete
    We fixed an issue where video assignments couldn't be completed.